Flower Bulb Planting Reports – 2007

2007 Report

Westcott Street Bulb Give Away | Garden Extravaganza
The Garden Extravaganza grew out of the Westcott  Bulb Give Away day which was first held in 2003. In the fall of 2007 over 300 people from the Westcott neighborhood came to pick up free daffodil bulbs; take home compost donated by Toad Hollow Farms; buy food; hear music and shop at garden and craft vendors.

Last year we set aside bulbs for 250 people and ran out. This year we set aside 5,400 daffodil bulbs (or 18 per person for 300 people). By 2:00 pm we were giving away our last free packet of bulbs.

It has taken us five years but when people came to the table many already knew “the bulbs were free as long as you planted them up front for all in the neighborhood to enjoy.”
We also got the Westcott Street merchants involved this year. Flowers courtesy of Westcott  Florist were on the tables of the Westcott Street restaurants that weekend, along with our table tents advertising the Bulb Project.

Feedback from the community was very positive. In the process we were also focused on helping  promote the activities of the Westcott Community Center.

School Reports
Five local schools worked with students to plant almost 1,800 bulbs.

Report from Sumner Middle School | 250 daffodil bulbs

Well today, 11-29-07, we finished planting 250  daffodil bulbs. My class of 18 preschoolers from Ed Smith PreK at Sumner planted all the bulbs. It  took us five times to get them all into the ground.

We now have planted bulbs along both sides of the  staircase which is located on the eastern side of  the parking lot. We did the other staircase last  year. The rest of the bulbs were planted along  South Beech Street between the sidewalk and the street. We planted them in eight big circles.

The children thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use the tools to plant with. They loved the  shovel but kept saying ,”Wow, this is heavy or hard.” We also had a great discussion about  earthworms and what earthworms do to help keep our soil healthy.

Thank you again.

Carol E. Simson, Pre Kindergarten

Report from Levy Middle School | 300 daffodil bulbs

For the fourth year in a row, Levy Middle School  staff and students were involved in beautifying the grounds with a very generous donation of  bulbs from the Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Planting Project.

The seventh grade team used this opportunity to help build a closer community among the students and staff. The head custodian (Mr. Marsh)  offered tips and tools, one of the guidance  counselors (Mrs. Rath) offered her bulb planting techniques to the students, and the math teacher  (Miss. Bott) helped the science teacher (Mrs. Colone) direct the students to the proper places to plant the bulbs.

We took a look at the Kids and Gardening  brochures that Mr. Wirth had provided for us and  came up with a plan of how and where the bulbs  should be planted. Many students swore that they didn’t have a green thumb and there was no way  they could get anything to grow.  We promised them that they were wrong and come spring we would take a walk just to see what our hands had helped bring to life.

This was the first time many of the students had ever planted in a garden, which made it a very  exciting and gratifying experience. They were proud to be part of making Levy an inviting place for all who are part of this community.

Kelly Colone

Report from Ed Smith Elementary School | 650 daffodils and 32 tulips

Ed. Smith School Plants Spring Color – For the fourth year in a row students from Ed. Smith School planted more than 650 daffodil bulbs  donated by the Westcott Bulb Planting  Project. Nearly 150 third, fifth, and sixth graders took part in classroom lessons and  planting on the school grounds coordinated by the  school’s parent teacher organization.

Students learned about the biology of spring flowering bulbs in their classrooms. They then  planted daffodils on the school grounds where  blooms will be visible to all who walk or drive  by the school this spring. This year’s students added to the collection of more than 2,000 bulbs  donated by the WBPP over the past three years.

In letters to the Westcott Bulb Planting Project students shared new knowledge about flowering  bulbs and expressed pride in participating a  community service project. Perhaps nothing sums  up the experience as well as students’ own  words;

“What I learned was that community service does more for people as much as it does you.”     Nathan Knight.
“It was fun to plant them  in the rain.  I felt good about my  work.”  Benjamin Atkinson.
“I feel great about helping our community.”  Lizzie Buchanan.
“I learned that it is fun to plant bulbs.”  Jasper Schep.
“It was an honor to make our school better”  Tone Judge.

Lisa Neville,
for Healthy Kids,
The Health and Fitness Subcommittee of the  Ed. Smith School PTO,
Working for the health and wellness of the Ed. Smith School Community.

Report from Nottingham High School | 300 daffodil bulbs

On Saturday, Sept 29th, we had 21 parents and 6 students show up for Landscape Dayat Nottingham High School. Our parents included: Tamera Beard, Peggy Conan and James Traver, John Conroy, Rich Dausman, Kathy Ferro, Jane Hudson, Deb Hutchinson, Bobbie and Hugh Jones, Pat King, Helen Moore, Lee Sabine, Rachel Sequin, Jane Slabowski, Angela and Alex Thor, Wendy Thowdis, Terry Works and Nina and Phil Andon-McLane.  The students were: Nissa Thor, Denisa Memelli, Javier Garcia, Riley O’Neill, Aaron Alexander and Ben Jones.

We weeded, trimmed, thinned, planted, picked up trash, swept and weeded some more.  We also planted 300 bulbs provided free from the Westcott Bulb Project.  Look for these in the Spring on both sides of the front entrance and by the entrance door just to the left of the main entrance. In the last two years, we have planted over 600 bulbs!

Thanks so much for your help!

Nina Andon-McLane

1,145 bulbs were planted in public places in the neighborhood.

St Albans Park | 36 – 48 daffodils

Berkely Park | 40 bulbs

The planting of the 20 Mixed Daffodil bulbs received from the Westcott Bulb Project was completed today, Nov. 27, 2007.

Half of the bulbs were planted at the base of a young tree in the triangular public greenspace at  the southern end of Berkeley Drive.  The balance were planted at the base of one of two trees recently planted by the city on the 200 block of Berkeley Drive. Additionally, bulbs which I personally received at the Bulb Give Away were planted at the base of the second mentioned tree on the median.

Virginia Schechter

Westcott Community Center | 200 daffodils and 64 tulips

This year, the WCC gave flower bulbs to 25 local seniors and helped two of them plant at their  homes. This was done with the help of youth from our Kid’s Club After School Program. We also planted a few hundred bulbs around the Center. The youth also helped with this  planting. In addition, 3 ESF students helped us with design & planting around the Center as  well. Our Americorps-Vista program helped beautify the neighborhood in the Lexington Park area by also assisting neighbors with their planting.

The Garden Extravaganza which was held concurrently at the WCC was also a great success. The vendors who participated were very pleased with the turnout and families & youth enjoyed the live music and the Center sold mums & pumpkins as well.  All in all the event was fabulous.

Steve Susman
Executive Director
Westcott Community Center

Loguen Park on E. Genesee St | 100 daffodil bulbs and 32 tulips

Erie Canal Monument | 40 daffodils and 30 tulips

In November two members of the Bulb Committee planted approximately a total of 70 bulbs in the 4 corners of the monument. We felt there was less chance the flowers would be mowed down by planting in the corners. We chopped out the grass, removed some broken glass and worked organic matter into the soil.

Submitted by Pete Wirth

Hutchings Psychiatric Center | 250 daffodils

Hutchings Psychiatric Center Benefits From the Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Planting Project In a Big Way.

We acquired over 250 daffodil bulbs to share among 3 adult units, a  children/adolescent unit and our outpatient programs as well. Many of our clients  never planted bulbs before. This was a wonderful extension of our brand new gardening group we started last spring to get more participation from our members.

We linked a concert series with our gardening group. This was another way to get folks out in
the fresh air enjoying nature, our gardens and music as well. This spring, we will all have something to look forward to. Our two block area will be flowering with color come spring. SU students and  hospital employees will also benefit the spring blooming flowers  as they walk by our campus.


Syracuse Cooperative Federal Union | 150 daffodils, 30 tulips

We did two activities with our daffodil bulbs:

  1. International Credit Union Day. We planted  about 30 bulbs, along with other shrubs and plants, at a home owned by Home HeadQuarters. The  press release, with details, is below.
  2. Daffodil Day at Cooperative Federal’s 723 Westcott Street. Staff, VISTA members, and a volunteer came together to plant a sea of daffodils on our hillside. In all, we planted 120 daffodil bulbs and 30 tulip bulbs at our office at 723 Westcott Street. Members seemed to enjoy the sight of us all out there digging in the dirt in the rain, and a few even thanked us for our work.

Christina Sauve

Central New York Credit Unions, Home HeadQuarters Landscape City Home in Syracuse NY

On Thursday, October 18, 2007, a coalition of Central New York Credit Unions, including Cooperative Federal, will landscape a home in Syracuse’s Eastside neighborhood to commemorate International Credit Union Day. The building is home to an extended family of refugees saving up to purchase the house, which is currently managed by Home HeadQuarters, Inc.

The Landscaping Party was held at 10am on Thursday, October 18th. The home to be landscaped is located at 301 South Beech Street, Syracuse NY 13210 (on the corner of East Fayette).”The credit union movement shares an ideal of People Helping People. This cooperative effort by local credit unions is just one example of our  philosophy in action,” said Ron Ehrenreich,  President of the Central New York Chapter of the New York State Credit Union League.

Westcott Street Tree Pits | 96 Tulips

Kevin Lyons-Sherwood,  a volunteer who planted bulbs in the tree pits on Westcott St. in 2006  planted an additional 96 tulips in the tree pits this year.

Logan Park | 50 daffodils and 15 tulips

On November 21, 2007 Dominic and Allen and a volunteer from the Bulb Committee took the bulbs (50 daffodils and 15 tulips) earmarked for Percy Hughes and planted them at Logan Park on E. Genesee near Cherry Hill.

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