Flower Bulb Planting Reports – 2005

A Note from the Petit Branch Library

This fall, the Petit Branch Library received 50 crocus and 50 daffodil bulbs from the Westcott Bulb Planting Project. On October 19th, landscape architect and garden designer Dan Reeder, together with Ollie Clubb, another one of the originators of our Petit Garden Courtyard, planted the bulbs in various areas of the garden, including the street tree planting beds, the larger planting beds to the right of the library entrance and the new planting bed to the left of the entrance.

We look forward to the new burst of color in the spring, and we will send photos of the garden in bloom.

Thank you for your support.

Marilyn Smith, Branch Manager

Petit Branch Library

Ed Smith Report

114 fifth and sixth grade students at Ed. Smith school and their teachers were joined by volunteers from the School of Environmental Science and Forestry representing the group Motivating People for Peace. Together they rolled up their sleeves and put their hands in the dirt to show pride in their school and caring for their neighborhood. The Healthy Kids Committee of the Parent Teacher Organization supported classroom teachers in making the Westcott Bulb Planting Project part of students’ classroom experience.

Students had the opportunity to dissect and study spring flowering bulbs, used math and reasoning skills to decide how to plant them, and worked in teams to plant 400 tulip and grape hyacinth bulbs. Ed. Smith pride will great neighbors and visitors alike next spring when yellow tulips and “blue” hyacinths bloom in the school’s colors.

Nottingham Report

Nottingham High School PTSO received 375 from the Westcott Community Center bulb project. These were planted at our semi-annual grounds clean-up and landscaping day, October 1. In the words of our landscaping chair, Deborah Stewart, “The bulbs are going to beautify the doors by the cafeteria in the front of the school. We are also grateful for the 4 recycling bins’ worth of rich compost from the WCC.” Parents, students, and staff participated in the clean up, with the lucky ones planting the bulbs.

Levy Report

We FINALLY planted 600 bulbs outside Levy Middle School this morning, after many false starts because of rain. Kelly Macyczko’s science classes worked with a will to get all the bulbs in the ground. (Marion Wilson and I had gone out ahead to loosen the soil, and then another Levy Teacher, Karen Victory, did a lot of the work of last-minute soil preparation and advising the students as they planted.) We made about 40 groupings of bulbs, and they should look great in the spring. Quite a few students showed a real interest in gardening — maybe we got some converts along the way.

Kelly and I will give you a final report shortly, and she can explain how she is using the bulbs educationally in her classes.

Thank you so much for making this possible. It will add a lot to the garden, both educationally with the involvement of the students and because the perennials we planted will be slow to emerge in the spring and it will be wonderful to have some color in there first.

Pre-Kindergarten at Sumner School Report

During the second week of October, my pre-kindergarten class went out to the garden near the front steps of Sumner School and started to pull weeds so we could plant the spring crocus and daffodil bulbs. After an hour of digging and pulling, I knew that we needed more help in order to plant our 625 bulbs.

So on the weekend before Halloween, David Sky, a Westcott St. resident, helped us by roto-tilling 6 new garden beds around Sumner school for the crocus and daffodil bulbs .

On November 1st 250 preschoolers between the ages of two and four planted most of the bulbs in five o of the beds. The degree of planting skills ranged from taking aim and throwing the bulbs into the holes to carefully getting down on one’s stomach to reach into the hole to plant the bulb right so that the roots were on the bottom. With some planting lessons all the bulbs ended up in the holes the right way. Most of all the event was enjoyed by all.

The final day of planting the bulbs was on a cold and blustery day on November 10th. We planted the rest of the bulbs in the planter on the playground.

Sumner School would like to thank TNT for donating the money to the Westcott Bulb Project so that we could take this opportunity to beautify our school grounds.

Thank you, again,

Carol E. Simson

University United Methodist Church Confirmation Class Report

The 2005-2006 University United Methodist Church Confirmation Class and teachers planted their 72 bulbs around three trees outside the University Avenue entrance to the church on the crisp, beautiful autumn morning of Sunday, October 30th. Four of the six class members (Rachel Boll, Grace Bradshaw, Neil Damron, and Elizabeth Magowan) and two teachers (Leatha and Tim Damron) participated. The project was done as a part of the community outreach portion of the confirmation class this Sunday, during which the teens and pre-teens also made over one hundred peanut butter and jelly as well as bologna and cheese sandwiches for the Hopps Church program.

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