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adding lasting beauty to the Westcott neighborhood area since 2003”

The Westcott Neighborhood Bulb Planting Project started in 2003.

Initially inspired by a springtime hike, our project is based on the belief that spring-flowering, perennial, naturalizing bulbs – which will multiply over time and come back for many years – will add lasting beauty to the Westcott neighborhood area.

With the help of residents, community groups, local foundations and neighborhood businesses, we raised funds with which to purchase thousands of bulbs for distribution to neighborhood residents. The Bulb Project has distributed these bulbs free of charge, on the condition that they be planted in the Westcott neighborhood in places where they were visible from the street so they could be enjoyed by all passing by.

In 2003 – our first year – we raised funds to purchase 2,300 bulbs, and the following year we were able to purchase and distribute 4,100 bulbs. In 2005, over 200 neighbors came to the Westcott Community Center to pick up bulbs, and community groups did plantings at schools, churches, libraries and other public spaces. Altogether, the Bulb Project contributed 8,500 bulbs for planting in our neighborhood in 2005.

In 2006, between people showing up for the bulb give away and volunteers planting at schools and public places, we were able to get 10,000 bulbs planted in the neighborhood. In 2007 300 neighbors showed up at the Westcott Community Center to pick up 5,400 bulbs and an additional 3,000 were planted by schools and community groups. In 2010 we expanded the project city wide. To date 72,000 spring blooming, perennial bulbs have been planted throughout the city.

We purchase our bulbs wholesale from a representative from the Netherland Bulb Company. In addition to bulbs, we make free com-post available, courtesy of Toad Hollow Compost (315.345- 5451, www.toadhollowfarms.com), and provide planting instructions to residents of the neighborhood. Neighbors, students, teachers and volunteers provide the labor.

We see the project as a way to promote our neighborhood as a caring place and in the process make some new friends! In addition to 300 homes in the neighborhood, crocus and daffodils bulbs were planted at the following locations:

In the tree pits along Westcott St. and Harvard Place in the business district;

Petit Branch Library on Victoria Place;

Westcott Community Center, (corner of Euclid & Westcott. St.);

Levy Middle School in the Levy Habitat Garden;

Sumner School on S. Beech; Ed Smith School on Lancaster;

Nottingham High School; and Berkley Park Median.

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